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JP Bouvet Online Drum Course Review

JP Bouvet Onlive Drum Course Review

JP Bouvet Online Drum Course

In this blog post I give a detailed review of Jean-Pierre “JP” Bouvet’s online drum course. To say it straight away: I am currently a participant in this online course and I think the preparation and content of the course material is really great!

About JP Bouvet

Jean-Pierre Bouvet (born 1990 in the USA) started playing drums at the age of 9. From 2009 to 2011 he studied at the renowned Berklee College of Music in Boston.

JP Bouvet became famous when he won the Guitar Center Drum-Off competition in 2011. In the same year he also won the Roland V-Drums Contest in Las Vegas.

JP Bouvet has played with the following artists, among others: Steve Vai, Periphery, Zakk Wylde, Yngwie Malmsteen, Tosin Abasi, Nuno Bettencourt, Greg Lapine and his own band Childish Japes.

JP Bouvet currently lives with his family in New York, where he also began studying psychology at Columbia University in 2019.

JP Bouvet says:

“While my musician friends tend to spend their free time writing music, learning new instruments and digging deep into the history of music, I have always been far more interested in reading about the mind, neuroscience, psychology, meditation, and pretty much anything other than music. A lot of this information has found its way into my teaching, and students are consistently more responsive to and excited about these broader “life-relevant” ideas. Plus, anyone who teaches older students privately can tell you that half your lessons are therapy sessions anyway.”

Quelle: https://www.gs.columbia.edu/news/profiles-spring-2019-entering-class

JP Bouvet Method – The Online Drum Course

A theme that runs across all course content is improvisation. The content is partly suitable for beginners but mostly more suitable for advanced drummers. Many concepts can be applied very quickly in practice, although JP Bouvet goes into great depth over the course of the lessons.

He presents a lot of options to exploit the respective concept with countless possibilities!

Yes, it’s not about learning notated drum grooves, fills or licks, but about concepts that can be used in any musical style. After the first few videos of most courses you can already improvise with the material.

The courses are constantly being expanded, and the content can be applied in a wide variety of styles! In addition, there are so-called AMA’s (Ask me anything) once a month where you can ask JP Bouvet questions personally via Zoom!

Personal Feedback and Student-Network

During the courses there is the possibility to upload so-called progress posts. You film yourself while practicing and then you upload the video. You will receive personal feedback from JP via a video response. Sometimes prizes are awarded for the uploaded videos. (E.g. equipment like a snare drum or cymbals). In addition, there is a private Facebook group for all course participants (JPBMethod Improvisers Club) where all students can exchange ideas. In addition to JP Bouvet, there are also two other mentors who offer additional help on various courses via live streams! These mentors are Dillon Picard and Martin Marschall.

Subscribe to the course here:


It is possible to pay for membership monthly or annually. The membership can be canceled at any time. By purchasing a membership through the link above I will receive a $30 credit toward my current membership!

Rhythmbot Metronome App

The Rhythmbot is not just a metronome but an app to train rhythms and reading music. The app is available for free on this website: https://rhythmbot.app/

The Rhythmbot can generate random rhythms, and you can determine the complexity of the rhythms yourself! This allows you to practice simple to very complex rhythms, which can be individually adapted to your own skill level!

The app was created by Jamie Howard, a drummer and programmer from England, in collaboration with JP Bouvet! Personally, I find the app really helpful and use it for practicing, as well as for my students in drum lessons.

There is a video tutorial for the Rhythmbot:

Course  Overview

The following courses are currently available:

Flow Mode – Paradiddles and Doubles Subset, Playing better Drum Solos, The Kick Agility Course, Inverted Doubles in Flow Grooves, Rhythmic Vocabulary, Triplet Flow Grooves, Flow Mode – Mastering RLK in Straight Time, The (Sort of) Drum & Bass Course, Swanky Half-Swung Grooves, Flow Mode – RLLK Subset, The 16 Invisible Rhythms as Grooves, First Grooves, First Fills, Triplet Fills & Chops, Triplet Rhythmic Vocabulary, Buddy Rich Inspired Flow Mode, Alternate Backbeats, Ghost Notes, Left Hand Lead in Flow Mode, Mixing Triplets into Straight Time Grooves, Melodic Ghost Notes, Developing Fluidity, Reading and Writing Drum Notation, The Web of Intent, Flow Grooves with the 4 Paradiddles

Addionally, the following courses with well-known guest drummers are currently included:

The Creative Grooves of Matt Halpern, The Jharis Yokley Course, Single Stroke Speed with Riccardo Merlini, The Darren King Course, Anika Nilles’ Favorite Grooves and Fills

This video gives you a good insight into the course material:

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